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Company News

At today's meeting, CEO Charles of Enbon expressed his view that in Enbon, all capable people can fully utilize their strengths and abilities.Contribute to the growth of the company.

Charles provided valuable suggestions for Enbon's development and summarized recent company problems and proposed better methods.| Enbon Company News

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May, 30 2023

There was once a proverb saying:“Only when the locomotive runs fast can the train run fast."This proverb also applies to a company.At the morning meeting of enbon this morning, Charles, the chief executive of enbon, gave a speech.In enbon, leaders do not regard themselves as leaders, and all people are members of the group.Enbon enables every employee to play his or her role.On the other hand.When employees encounter difficulties, enbon encourages them to face and solve them together.At the meeting, Charles summarized the work situation during this period. In addition to praising the good performance, Charles also summarized some recent problems of the company,In view of these problems, Charles provided us with his own experience to help us better solve the problems.