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Logistics Policy

Logistics Policy

Enbon's manufactured goods are normally dispatched from Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China. Please read the relevant logistics policy below when purchasing.

Logistics Policy

All materials should be counted and checked on a daily basis to keep accounts, cards, and objects consistent, and according to the actual situation of the materials, materials that have not been used for a long time or that need to be scrapped for account processing should be cleaned up in time and relevant procedures must be completed.

   After the product is completed and passed the inspection by the quality inspector, the workshop accountant fills in the "finished product storage form", requiring the storage unit, date, product drawing number, product name, specification, quantity, unit price, amount,

After the working hours are filled in completely, after the signature and approval of the workshop director, and the inspection department stamps the "inspection qualified" stamp, the warehouse manager checks the physical objects and the certificate of conformity and puts them into the warehouse. Warehouse keeper must strictly check, for hands
If the continuation is incomplete or the documents are not filled in completely, the materials are not allowed to enter the warehouse.

   The product drawing number, product name, specifications, and working hours shall be filled in according to the standards provided by the technical department. The products checked and stored in the warehouse shall be arranged neatly according to the variety and social sales needs, so as to be reasonable, firm, tidy, and safe and not too high

When the product is released for sale, it must be confirmed by the quality inspection department that there is no quality problem. The salesperson fills in the product delivery list and the delivery list. The finance department will issue a door pass according to the delivery list. The delivery list must be signed or stamped by the purchaser.

After returning to the warehouse, the warehouse will check and return to the financial department
   Product delivery procedure: the first step is for the warehouse keeper to check whether the product variety is complete in the warehouse after receiving the notice, and prepare for delivery; the second step is to check and deliver the product according to the quantity of the product on the delivery list issued by the salesperson; the second step three steps

The person who picks up the goods takes the delivery form of the product to the finance department to pay the payment or go through relevant procedures, and the finance department will issue the exit permit; the fourth step is for the warehouse to see the exit permit and pick up the goods before delivery
   For sporadic sales in the society, payment must be received before delivery. If the sales price is lower than the company's minimum price, it must be approved by the company's general manager before delivery.

   When the goods are returned, the business personnel shall go through the formalities of returning the goods in time in the month when the goods are returned, and they shall be inspected and signed by the quality inspection department. If there are any quality problems, they shall write the relevant processing report according to the quality inspection report and submit it to the financial account for handling after the general manager approves it. .
   Products required for after-sales service must be signed and approved by the general manager before they can be shipped out. At the same time, the handler requires the other party to return the old product and trade it in for a new one, otherwise it will not be shipped. If it is shipped first, the after-sales service personnel should

Responsible for recovering old products in the current month and handling the return procedures.
   For the materials sold externally, the warehouse keeper fills in the picking list according to the book price according to the sending and receiving list filled in by the salesman. Materials used for after-sales service must be approved by the supervisor in charge before shipment
   If there is a mistake in the factory inspection of the product, the direct economic loss caused by it shall be borne by the responsible person.

Enbon is a leading manufacturer in the display industry and is committed to providing products and solutions with excellent performance and experience for the display industry and users of the display industry. We advocate win-win cooperation and are willing to work hand in hand with partners from all over the world to create the future.

Favoured Policy

We provide free support to dealers.

Market Support
Sample Support
Technical Support
Exhibition Support
Brand Support
Warehousing Support

Agency Level

The group's system of dealers is divided into three levels: basic, advanced and enterprise.


For dealers under observation, the first year of cooperation


Dealers who pass the observation period will be promoted to senior dealers


One strategic dealer per country, with resource support for senior trainers.

Agency conditions and requirements


Accept the Enbon brand, be willing to grow with it, and have physical stores.


Pass the primary assessment, have warehouses and exhibition halls, and accumulate a certain number of customer groups


It has a complete channel sales network, and the company has at least three sales divisions.

  • The company operates normally, has no contract disputes, and has not been included in the list of punishment by its location;
  • The establishment time of the company shall be at least 5 years in the industry;
  • The company has a complete sales system and the ability to handle some technical services independently;
  • The company must accept the cultural concept of Enbon Group;
  • According to the documents of the company group, the Enbon Group only accepts the application of dealers in the name of the company for the time being, unless the special market can accept the application of dealers in the name of individuals with the authorization of the company's management, so we hope that the dealer friends can provide complete personal and company information when submitting the application of dealers, so as to facilitate the rapid follow-up of customer service.

Application process


Information registration

Please provide complete personal and company information according to our requirements. At the same time, you must provide your business card so that our customer service personnel can contact you at the first time and save your valuable time.

Qualification review

Our team will make an internal reply according to the information provided by your company at the first time. At present, the group company does not support individual dealer applications, so please know that the results of the preliminary qualification review will be announced according to your company information and the feedback of our customer service personnel. We will send the email on your business card in the form of the company's official email, Please pay attention to our official email: sales@enbon.com

Business connection

After passing the preliminary qualification review, our regional sales manager will contact you, and then discuss with you the characteristics of your market, the needs of products, and some other policy information to preliminarily reach a cooperation proposal and draft a dealer cooperation agreement. After the approval of both parties, the final version of the dealer cooperation plan will be reached.

Distribution confirmation

After you sign the dealer cooperation agreement, according to the content of the agreement, after your first deposit is recorded, we will start to prepare the production plan of samples and products. The group company will provide the dealer's showroom design drawings, and the dealer can also design the showroom plan by himself, but it must be approved by the group company before implementation. After the production of the products with dealers is completed, the relevant responsible person of the group company will carry out the dealer authorization ceremony after following the goods to the region where the dealers are located.

Cooperative observation

It is a great honor for you to join the dealer system of the group company. We will carry out a strict observation process in the first year of dealer cooperation. In order to achieve long-term friendly cooperation, we will make a two-way friendly evaluation and selection process in the first year of dealer cooperation. First of all, we will always focus on customer service, so our group companies will confirm whether the company's technical support and quality assurance can help dealers succeed according to the needs and evaluation of dealers in the first year of cooperation. If the group products cannot meet the market needs of dealers, we will make rectification according to the requirements of dealers, and even dealers have the right to cancel the cooperation; Secondly, the group company will also evaluate the dealers' market integration ability based on their payment and market sales. If the dealers fail to complete the first year's market task, the company has the right to withdraw the dealer's authorization.