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Rental Solution

Rental Solution

Scene : Large outdoor concerts and various outdoor activities Recommended solution: Enbon R5 Plus Model Recommended reason: Enbon R5-Plus is very suitable for large-scale public events such as concerts, which have strict requirements for product clarity.

Stage background display

Scene:  Large-scale music festival
Recommended solution:  Enbon R5 Plus Model

Recommended reason: 1.Cabinet size:500*1000mm,thin and light cabinet for easy installation and maintenance,save time and labor
2.Waterproof rating:IP65, Work temperature, -20~+65℃,fearless of rainstorms and high temperatures
3.High definition and high contrast:better display, vibrant colors, vivid picture
4.Synchronous display:different content can be played according to the music style, allowing the audience to get a better audio-visual experience


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R5 Plus Model
  1. Integrated cabinet design saves maintenance time
  2. Plane lock and radian lock are integrated to support a variety of scene applications
  3. Radian lock support ± 6 ° / ± 3 °
  4. Modular design of power control cabinet, no wire is needed to connect the module
  5. The wireless material distribution inside the power cabinet is clean and tidy, and the signal is stable