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Explore Enbon

In addition to an overview of Enbon, the office and production environment, a description of the materials used in production, the production hall and international certificates.

Company Overview

Enbon founded in February 2012, is one of the leading producers of indoor and outdoor different type led screen. Enbon is also a high-tech enterprise ntegrating R & D,manufacturing and sales. Enbon has 10 software and hardware engineers with 10 years of research and development experience,and 3 high-tech talents with 10 years of display management experience. Providing professional OEM / ODM services.Enbon has more than 150 employees,and provides customized and professional project products and services as its core competitiveness.Enbon products cover two series of direct plug-in (DIP) and SMD surface mount, which fully meets the requirements of different point spacing, visual distance, brightness and environmental requirements for applications.

Established a complete product development, production and quality management system, It has 8 fully-automatic imported SMT production lines, 4 fully-automatic printing machines, and 2 fully automatic drying lines for outdoor products, which can fully meet the needs of different orders and specifications. The products have passed CCC, FCC, CE, IAF, ROHS and other international Standard certification, product and enterprise qualification certification, product test report and patent certificates are complete.

Company Overview

Enbon Goal

Be a trusted global supplier of
high quality LED products

Enbon Mission

Green innovation and technology
creating colorful world

Enbon Spirit

Enbon spirit Strong ambition
strong willpower

Enbon Slogan

Quality creates excellence
reputation cast the future


Only the strongest team, without the strongest enemy we will win because we have Enbon's

Quality is the vitality of ENBON's treasure

ENBON values efficiency, service, and reputation.

ENBON strives for customer satisfaction and zero complaints.

Innovation is the market competition sword

ENBON values effective team management as a top priority

Service Center

The Enbon team specializes in small-language markets. We have professional sales teams in different languages, which can increase communication efficiency and ensure fast and accurate absorption and feedback of customer demands.

Strive for one-stop LED series product solutions

Detailed, accurate and thoughtful pre-sale service

ensures serious, responsible, and satisfactory product processes.

Provide timely, efficient and responsible after-sales service

Lifelong free product maintenance

Factory Environment

The positioning of the Enbon factory is to make high-quality products. We especially pay attention to the customized needs of foreign customers and have quality assurance Therefore, we not only have higher requirements for production details, but also strictly control the use of materials, so as to avoid all risks, All remain in the factory for sale. Enbon's production equipment is all imported from Japan to ensure the stability and reliability of production.

Environmentally Material

Parts of
Machining Metals

CNC machining in Aluminum Aluminum
High machinability and ductility, good strength-to-weight ratio. Aluminum alloys have good strength-to-weight ratio, high thermal and electrical conductivity, low density and natural corrosion resistance.
CNC machining in Stainless steel Stainless steel
High tensile strength, corrosion and temperature resistant. Stainless steel alloys have high strength, ductility, wear and corrosion resistance. They can be easily welded, machined and polished.

Parts of
Injection Molding Plastics

Injection molding in PVC PVC
Excellent chemical and weather resistance and good toughness. PVC is the third most used plastic with all-around good mechanical properties, excellent chemical and weather resistance and good toughness.
Injection molding in Polypropylene Polypropylene
Excellent chemical resistance. Food-safe grades available. Polypropylene (PP) is the most common Injection molding plastic. Excellent chemical resistance. Food-safe grades available.


Enbon pays special attention to product research and development and design.Enbon is a national high-tech enterprise and a
high-tech enterprise in Shenzhen We constantly seek more reliable product design concepts to adapt to the changing times
And meet the continuous pursuit of customers Service is the mission of Enbon .

ATC Certificate

ATC Certificate

ATC Certificate

Appearance Patent

ATC Certificate

COC Certificate

Specialized and New SME

High-tech Enterprise