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E Model

Enbon E Model front service full colour custom aluminium indoor fixed mount LED dIsplay|Enbon LED Display Manufacture
  • A variety of sizes can be mixed and assembled
  • Special size 250*1000 is available.
  • The shape is exquisitely designed
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Support front and back service
  • Different modules use the same HUB
  • Convenient for installation and maintenance


Product Specification

Item Indoor
Pixel Pitch 1.953 2.604 2.976 3.91 4.81
LED lamp SMD1515 SMD2020 SMD2020 SMD2020 SMD2020
Density(dots/m2) 262144 147456 112896 65536 43264
Brightness ≤800nits ≤1000nits ≤1000nits ≤1000nits ≤1000nits
IP rating IP31 IP31 IP31 IP31 IP31
Cabinet Materiel Die-casting Aluminum
Scan 32scan 32scan 21scan 16scan 13scan
Module weight 0.25kg 0.25kg 0.25kg 0.25kg 0.25kg
Cabinet Weight 6.5kg 6.5kg 6.5kg 6.5kg 6.5kg
Module size(mm) 250*250 250*250 250*250 250*500 250*500
Cabinet size(mm) 1000*250*85 1000*250*85 1000*250*85 1000*250*85 1000*250*85
Module pixel(dots) 128*128 96*96 84*84 64*64 52*52
Cabinet pixel(dots) 512*128 384*96 336*84 256*64 208*52
Max Power 630w/sqm 630w/sqm 620w/sqm 620w/sqm 610w/sqm
Average Power 230w/sqm 230w/sqm 230w/sqm 230w/sqm 230w/sqm
Viewing Angle Horizontal 140(+70/-70) deg               Vertical 140(+70/-70)deg
Control way synchronous/asynchronous
Gray Scale 16bit
Operating system AV, S-Video, VGA, DVI, YPbPr, HDMI, SDI
Work humidity 10% ~ 90%
Work temperature  ﹣20 ~﹢65℃

LED Module

Pixel Pitch P1.953, 2.604, 2.976, 3.91, 4.81
LED lamp SMD1515/2020
Brightness ≤1000nits
Module pixel 128*128/96*96/84*84/64*64/52*52dots
Cabinet pixel 512*128/384*96/336*84/256*64/208*52dots


Module size 250*250mm
250*500mm(P3.91 4.81)
Cabinet size 1000*250*85mm
Module weight 0.25kg
Cabinet Weight 6.5kg

Working Environment

Work humidity 10% ~ 90%
Work temperature ﹣20 ~﹢65℃

System parameter

Operating system AV, S-Video, VGA, DVI, YPbPr, HDMI, SDI
Gray scale 16bit


Max Power 630w/sqm(P1.953,2.604)
Average Power 230w/sqm

Waterproof grade

IP rating IP31

Control system

Control way Synchronous/Asynchronous
Viewing Angle H140(+70/-70) deg V140(+70/-70)deg
Scan 32scan/21scan/16scan/13scan

Material density

Density 262144/147456/112896/65536/43264(dots/m2)
Cabinet Materiel Die-casting Aluminum

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