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The latest news about Enbon, both inside and outside, is here. For example, information on Enbon's exhibitions, daily activities, customer visits, holiday wishes, etc.

ENBON 2023 Group building activity!

In August 2023, ENBON Group went to Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province for group building activities.

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August, 2023 More +
<span style='color:#ffffff'>Enbon family had a great Mid-Autumn Festival event and afternoon tea time</span>

relaxing timeafternoon teacompany eventMid-Autumn Festivalfestival event

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<span style='color:#ffffff'>LED display can be transparent?</span>

productLED displayProduct Newstransparent

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<span style='color:#ffffff'>The difference between LED display and projector</span>

LED displayProduct Newsprojectordifference

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<span style='color:#ffffff'>Which is better, LED display or Projection?</span>

productLEDProduct Newsprojectionbetter led display

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<span style='color:#ffffff'>Enbon's Monthly Training for Salesmen on the Updated Content of Xiaoman System</span>

partnerscompany news centercompany trainingcompany service

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<span style='color:#ffffff'>A warm welcome to our customers visiting Enbon from Korea</span>

healthycompany servicecompany customercompany daily

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