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Brand Story

Brand Story

Enbon brand that Charles and Queena created together. If you are interested in the history of Enbon, please read on. Let's experience how Enbon became an international brand!


Established in February 2012, Enbon is one of the leading manufacturers of different types of LED screens.Enbon has a number of software and hardware engineers with 10 years of R&D experience and management high-tech talents. Providing professional OEM/ODM services, Enbon currently employs over 150 people and has a core competence in providing customised and specialised project products and services.

Enbon Story

Charles, the founder of Enbon, grew up in a remote mountainous area, and through his own efforts, he built his own business, and in the process he felt the hardships and beauty of life. Growing up in a remote mountainous area, he had always had fantasies of a beautiful world, and as a child, he had aspirations and aspirations for the future, and wanted to have his own world, so he kept pushing himself to study and work hard, and to move forward with his dreams! After Charles graduated from university, he took a job in product sales in the city where he was studying. After a few months, he decided that this job was not hungry enough to realise his life's values. Unable to be satisfied with the status quo, he moved to Shenzhen, Guangdong Province without a second thought. As a first-tier city in China, Shenzhen offers a lot of opportunities and possibilities for young people.

When he first arrived in Shenzhen, he was unfamiliar with everything here. The first problem he faced was the housing problem, and with the introduction of an agent, he chose to stay in a youth hostel, and during this period, he kept running around looking for a job in order to find his footing in the city. After a few days of pitching for CVs and interviews, he managed to find his first job in the city, working in the Led display industry, which helped him a lot in starting his own business later on. He kept learning about the product and the skills of communicating with guests in order to get better at his job and have his efforts recognised by himself and others. But it was at an event that changed the trajectory of his life, a product exhibition for the company, where he discovered at the time that there were many companies manufacturing high quality displays in China, but very few display companies exporting abroad. So he fantasised about taking something like the best of China and pushing it out into the world, a product that could change lives with colour and animation, and thus began his determined journey to follow his dream!

With this dream in mind, he began to plan his path to entrepreneurship. He resigned from his original company and chose to work for a small foreign trade company that exported Led, but his own English was not particularly good and language was a major factor, so he began to work hard to learn English and understand the cultures of various regions of the world to provide a basis for his future path. At that time, he was working more than 12 hours a day. Although he worked very hard, he was a newcomer to foreign trade and did not have any foreign customer resources, and the company did not give any business training to its salesmen. The next day the boss of the company called him into the office and said very directly: "Charles, because your business level is relatively poor, from tomorrow onwards, you do not need to come to work ......" Since he was a good student, this was the first time in his life that he was really rejected. rejected. He couldn't understand why he was still the one who was fired even though he was in the habit of working 12 hours a day and giving his best effort to his work every day, but this experience of being fired gave him a deep understanding of this truth.

Business competition is very cruel, in this society to survive and develop in addition to only rely on all-out efforts, and constantly improve their core competitive ability, or can not meet the needs of the market, a company and an individual should be eliminated. After a few more difficult employment experiences, he found a job as a foreign trade salesman, the company was also very small, with a salary of less than 1,000 and more than a business commission to survive, again without any business training, but the only advantage of the second foreign trade salesman was that the company gave him a very old computer, which also had Internet access. The computer with internet access gave him access, so he started to learn to use foreign social software, using a translator to communicate while looking for customers and learning English in the process. For a few months, he was able to successfully find his first client in life, who came from Taiwan and helped him much later on his journey to start his own business. He continued to grow in the industry as he worked later on, as well as building up a certain client base, and after two years of this life, he felt it was time to focus on his goals.

He quit his job at the time and rented a small workshop where he initially set up his dream company. It was not easy to run his own company at the beginning, there were only three people in the company plus himself, and he slept less than five hours a day because of jet lag and the fact that he had to do everything himself after the company was set up. But this life did not stop him from pursuing his dream. As his business expanded and his team expanded, he thought that everything was going well when the epidemic came, making it difficult to export the company's goods, and the company fell into a crisis as the goods were not sold and the capital chain was broken. In order to cope with this particular period, he adapted his business strategy and continued to overcome the hardships and difficulties of the start-up process, and in the end, fortunately, the company survived this difficult time. In the days to come, his goal was to develop Enbon into a well-known Chinese-led display brand.

It may seem like a small business to others, but to him it is the world. In his eyes, "Enbon" is his world! In his eyes, "English" stands for "English", which also stands for going global and represents Charles' determination to be an international brand; "Bao" stands for "This international brand, which also stands for going global, is the most precious "treasure" in his heart. Therefore, "Enbon" is a dream, persistence and responsibility. "Enbon" is a dream of a person, a team and an era! At the same time, he will continue to realise his ideals on this road, to realise his life values and to make Enbon a truly socially valuable and sustainable international brand.

"BLUE COLOR"- Like the sea ,it is our destination

"LED" - Like our life,it is the only work in our life

"EN" - English is the tool to open the world

"ENBON" - Coming for the colourful world

Enbon with their own unique design philosophy and tireless willpower, eager to emerge in the LED
industry, seeks to build a colorful world and increase more beautiful scenery in a world full of sunshine