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Product News

Splicing and testing is a technical activity, and the process of our technicians performing this work can be considered a different kind of artistic performance.

Taking High Quality As Priority : The Process Of Splicing And Testing Enbon LED Screen Display | Enbon Company News

LEDHigh QualityTest
Sep, 06 2023

On this video, our professional company members were splicing and testing our LED display before they’re delivered to our clients, by this video that showed our reliable services and product quality.

R5 Series is the most popular product in Enbon leasing series.It can be flexibly applied to different indoor and outdoor installation requirements,Quick and convenient installation and maintenance.Excellent wind and water resistance.High screen refresh rate and good display effect.On the other hand,A variety of pixels can be used in the same center of the R5 series,And wide viewing angle without reflection,It will make the visual experience of the audience more comfortable.