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Company News

Let's walk into the production zone of Enbon and take a look at how Enbon produces excellent LED products and provides high-quality service to customers.

Come to the production area of Yingbao to see how Yingbao produces excellent LED products and provides customers with quality services.| Enbon Company News

May, 30 2023

   High quality products need to be polished carefully,Enbon is no exception.Our workshop is spacious and bright, and all kinds of mechanical equipment are placed neatly,We will regularly maintain the equipment to ensure the working efficiency and product quality of the equipment.

   While ensuring these, we also strive to make the workshop environment more comfortable and provide high-quality working environment for employees. Yingbao has always adhered to the people-oriented concept. In addition to providing better services for customers, it also strives to provide a better environment for employees.