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Company News

The Enbon team has done a lot of preparation for this renovation in order to create a good working environment.we are very grateful for their hard work, and by doing so we can speed up the process of our project.

Enbon hired a construction technician to renovate our office and create a better office environment for everyone.| Enbon Company News

May, 30 2023

Today is the second day of renovation in our Enbon team, in order to bulid a good working environment, we have prepared a lot for this renovation, like we employed some excellent decorators to help us on the layout of our company and bought a lot of good decorating materials, our decorators are working hard on their jobs, regardless of the hot days, we're all appreciating their hard working, by these ways could accelerate the process of our project. We believe that after few days later, we can see a different place here, we're also looking forward to work in the this new place could  provide good service for our clients and develop a lot of high quality products. We'll make our brand Enbon becomes more and more reliable around all over the world by our persistence and hard working.