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Rental Series

Rental Series

If your single module size unit board display is not normal, the display is not bright Suggestions| Enbon LED Display Manufacturer.We will provide you with the right solution.Please contact us!

If the screen display of the rental series is not good, it may be the cause of these malfunctions.| Enbon LED Display Manufacturer

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Possible causes of failure analysis:
① It is recommended that the first check the appearance of the product may be transported, external stress caused by the product hits pieces, scratches. In this situation, please contact sales or technical personnel.
② Suspected ESD electrostatic discharge breakdown.
1) Do a good job of eliminating electrostatic protective measures such as grounding the product equipment on site;
2) Use anti-static materials for product storage and good protection;
3) Use anti-static gloves during installation.
③ Check whether the procedures are mixed. For example, the program does not match the product model; the same model product program is not consistent.
1) Confirm whether the program is custom-made;
2) Whether the program version is consistent with other products of the same model;
3) Communicate with the regional application technician for guidance and use the correct program.
Note: If you still cannot solve the problem, please contact the technical staff at headquarters.