• led Ball Screen-indoor specification

led Ball Screen-indoor specification

Description: The LED spherical screen has a 360° full viewing angle and can play videos in all directions. You can feel good visual effects at any angle without the problem of flat viewing angle. At the same time, it can also directly map spherical o

Product advantages:

  1. Uniform tapping: Pixel to pixel image
  2. Seamless splicing: seamless splicing between cabinets and modules
  3. Flexible control: Synchronous and asynchronous compatible, supporting offline and online model
  4. Convenient maintenance : support rear and front service

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Technical Parameters

led Ball Screen-indoor specification

Item Diameter 1.2m Diameter 1.2m Diameter 0.76m Diameter 2.5m Diameter 2m
Pixel pitch 2mm 2.5mm 3mm 3mm 2.5mm
Pixel composition 1R1G1B 1R1G1B 1R1G1B 1R1G1B 1R1G1B
LED package SMD1515 SMD2121 SMD2121 SMD2121 SMD2121
IC chip 5124IC 5124IC 5124IC 5124IC 5124IC
Scan 27s 27s 27s 27s 27s
Application Indoor Indoor Indoor Indoor Indoor
Whole ball size Diameter1.2m Diameter1.2m Diameter0.76m Diameter2.5m Diameter2m
Brightness 850cd 850cd 850cd 850cd 850cd
Resolution 1002314 638700 202000 1637850 1968348
Area 4.5216m² 4.5216m² 1.82m² 19.625/m² 12.56m²
Weight 100kg 100kg 80kg 400kg 400kg
Gray scale 14bit 14bit 14bit 14bit 14bit
Input voltage (V) AC110/220V AC110/220V AC110/220V AC110/220V AC110/220V
Input frequency 50/60HZ 50/60HZ 50/60HZ 50/60HZ 50/60HZ
Brightness adjustment level Automatic or manual level
Refresh rate 1920
Color temperature 3200K--9500K
Working temp ﹣20 ~﹢60℃
Working humidity 10 ~﹢90℃
Lifetime ≥100000 hours



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The operational lifetime of an LED Display is determined by the lifetime of the LEDs. LED Manufacturers estimate the LED lifetime to be 100,000 hours under certain operating conditions. LED Display end of lifetime is when the frontal brightness has decreased to 50% of original brightness.

Step 1 What is the purpose of buying LED Display ?

To pass on Information
For Rental Purposes

Step 2 In what environment will the led display be used?

Indoor / Outdoor / Semi Outdoor / Outdoor and Indoor

Step 3 Minimum distance of the audience?(Viewing distance)

Step 4 What is the estimated size of led display you want?

Step 5 What will be displayed on the Led Display ?

Step 6 How will the led display be installed?

220V power cable does not connect well

Data cable problem

Receiving card faulty

Power supply faulty
Improper connection of power cables

Flat cable does connect not well or it is off
Previous output fault or current line input faulty