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Floor Dance screen

Easy clean.Good heat disptach.Strictly pressure testing and can stand pressure 500kg/m2.Accessory:used for connecting fixing between dance floor.With wind, rain, waterproof function.

Product advantages:

  1. Semi-outdoor design,IP rating can reach IP68,easy clean.
  2. Strictly pressure testing and can stand pressure 500kg/m2.
  3. Accessory:used for connecting fixing between dance floor.
  4. Good heat disptach.
  5. The box is made of iron sheet or die-cast aluminum. The structure is stronger and the load-bearing performance is high.
  6. The mask is shock-proof plastic, wear-resistant, the screen is not easy to scratch, easy to clean

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Product Series Model


Technical Parameters

Floor Dance screen

  Outdoor Indoor
Pixel Pitch 3.91 4.81 6.25 3.91 4.81
Pixel Density 65536 Pixel/sqm 43264Pixel/sqm 25600 Pixel/sqm 65536 Pixel/sqm 43264Pixel/sqm
Pixel Configuration SMD1921 SMD1921 SMD1921/2727 SMD2121 SMD2121
Module Size(mm) 250*250mm 250*250mm 250*250mm 250*250mm 250*250mm
Module Resolution 64*64dots 52*52dots 40*40dots 64*64dots 52*52dots
Cabinet Size(mm) 500*500mm 500*500mm 500*500mm 500*500mm 500*500mm
Cabinet Resolution 128*128dots 104*104dots 80*160dots 128*128dots 104*104dots
Total QTY Module Per Cabinet 2*2/ 2*4 2*2/ 2*4 2*2/ 2*4 2*2/ 2*4 2*2/ 2*4
Cabinet Weight 23kg 23kg 23kg 23kg 23kg
Cabinet Materia Diecasting Aluminum
Input Voltage 100-240 AC, 50/60HZ 100-240 AC, 50/60HZ 100-240 AC, 50/60HZ 100-240 AC, 50/60HZ 100-240 AC, 50/60HZ
Max Power Consumption 600w/sqm 600w/sqm 500w/sqm 600w/sqm 520w/sqm
Avg. Power Consumption 380w/sqm 350w/sqm 310w/sqm 390w/sqm 340w/sqm
Brightness Outdoor: 4500cd/sqm Outdoor: 4500cd/sqm Outdoor: 4500cd/sqm Indoor: 1000cd/sqm Indoor: 1000cd/sqm
Brightness Uniformity Luminance Discrepancy<5%
Best Viewing Angle Horizontal: 140° Horizontal: 140° Horizontal: 140° Horizontal: 140° Horizontal: 140°
Temperature Range Working: -20℃~60℃ Working: -20℃~60℃ Working: -20℃~60℃ Working: -20℃~60℃ Working: -20℃~60℃
Operating Humidity 10%-90% 10%-90% 10%-90% 10%-90% 10%-90%
Ingression Protection Grade IP68 IP68 IP68 IP43 IP43
Pressure 2.5t/sqm 2.5t/sqm 2.5t/sqm 2.5t/sqm 2.5t/sqm
Scaning Mode 1/10scan 1/10scan 1/10scan 1/16scan 1/13scan
Refresh Frequency > 1920HZ, Adjustable
Signal Input DVI, Composite Video For Live Video
Supported Networking Through LAN/WAN, RS 232/RS 485
Controller NOVASTAR



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The operational lifetime of an LED Display is determined by the lifetime of the LEDs. LED Manufacturers estimate the LED lifetime to be 100,000 hours under certain operating conditions. LED Display end of lifetime is when the frontal brightness has decreased to 50% of original brightness.

Step 1 What is the purpose of buying LED Display ?

To pass on Information
For Rental Purposes

Step 2 In what environment will the led display be used?

Indoor / Outdoor / Semi Outdoor / Outdoor and Indoor

Step 3 Minimum distance of the audience?(Viewing distance)

Step 4 What is the estimated size of led display you want?

Step 5 What will be displayed on the Led Display ?

Step 6 How will the led display be installed?

220V power cable does not connect well

Data cable problem

Receiving card faulty

Power supply faulty
Improper connection of power cables

Flat cable does connect not well or it is off
Previous output fault or current line input faulty