COB Series Poster

COB Encapsulation
Multiple pixel pitch
Roller design,easy to move
Only one power cable,one network cable
160 °wide viewing angle

Product advantages:

  1. High Definition
  2. High contrast
  3. Longer life span
  4. Smooth play
  5. Smoothly switch contents,endless loop play
  6. Several content type:pictures,video,subtitles
  7. Multiple divided screens
  8. waterproof,dustproof,anti-collision,anti-static, acid & alkali resistance

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Product Series Model


Technical Parameters

COB Series Poster

Pixel Pitch P1.875 P1.5625 P1.25 P0.9375
Contrast 10000:1 10000:1 10000:1 10000:1
Screen Resolution 320x990 384x1080 480x1350 640x1800
Screen Size 1855x608x57mm 1855x608x57mm 1855x608x57mm 1855x608x57mm
Screen Weight 30kg 30kg 30kg 30kg
Screen Thickness 60mm 60mm 60mm 60mm
Screen Color Black Black Black Black
Material Aluminum Alloy
Luminance ≥400cd/m² ≥400cd/m² ≥400cd/m² ≥400cd/m²
Refresh Rate ≥2980HZ ≥2980HZ ≥2980HZ ≥2980HZ
Horizontal Viewing Angle ≥160℃ ≥160℃ ≥160℃ ≥160℃
Power Supply AC110V∽220V+/-10% AC110V∽220V+/-10% AC110V∽220V+/-10% AC110V∽220V+/-10%
Max Power Consumption 650W 650W 650W AC110V∽220V+/-10%
Average Power 200W 200W 200W AC110V∽220V+/-10%
Singnal Input RJ45/WIFI
System Android
Image Format Support BMP JPG, PNG
Video Format Support AWI MP4 RW
Working Temperature ﹣40 ~﹢60℃
Life Span ≥80000h



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The operational lifetime of an LED Display is determined by the lifetime of the LEDs. LED Manufacturers estimate the LED lifetime to be 100,000 hours under certain operating conditions. LED Display end of lifetime is when the frontal brightness has decreased to 50% of original brightness.

Step 1 What is the purpose of buying LED Display ?

To pass on Information
For Rental Purposes

Step 2 In what environment will the led display be used?

Indoor / Outdoor / Semi Outdoor / Outdoor and Indoor

Step 3 Minimum distance of the audience?(Viewing distance)

Step 4 What is the estimated size of led display you want?

Step 5 What will be displayed on the Led Display ?

Step 6 How will the led display be installed?

220V power cable does not connect well

Data cable problem

Receiving card faulty

Power supply faulty
Improper connection of power cables

Flat cable does connect not well or it is off
Previous output fault or current line input faulty