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Enbons FC series is perfect for all of this. For example, FC-pro has a waterproof rating of IP67, allowing it to adapt to a variety of harsh outdoor conditions and even to various extreme weather.

Steps and precautions for installing outdoor LED displays |Enbon LED Display Manufacture

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Nov, 16 2023
At present, with the wide application of outdoor LED electronic displays, major customers not only put forward beautiful appearance requirements, but also more stringent requirements in installation quality and installation methods.

First of all, we need to choose a suitable installation location, taking into account factors such as viewing distance, light conditions, and safety.

The outdoor LED display is not installed on the ground, and in general, the outdoor LED display needs a back bracket. Since the outdoor LED display will be fixed on the bracket for a long time after installation, the bracket must be strong and firm.

The cabinet of outdoor LED display is its main part, which includes sheet metal box, unit module, switching power supply, power cord, cable line, fixing screw, etc. In short, the cabinet of the LED display is installed, and the outdoor LED display is installed.

Enbon's outdoor solid installation products have the characteristics of high box precision, easy module loading and unloading, support before and after maintenance, and design anti-drop equipment during loading and unloading to ensure the safety of construction personnel.


After the box is installed, all that remains is to turn on its power supply and connect the LED display to the control system, which can be connected through the network or data cable. Debug tests are carried out according to the needs to ensure that the display effect is normal, the brightness is uniform, and the image is clear. If the debugging is normal, the assembly is successful.

Outdoor LED display should be installed with necessary lightning protection devices. Outdoor thunderstorms are inevitable, and in order to ensure their service life, lightning protection measures are very important.

Outdoor LED display should have the necessary waterproof device with waterproof performance. Therefore, there should be supporting ventilation and moisture-proof devices and reserved drainage holes during the installation process to prevent stagnant water from being discharged.

Outdoor LED display should use high-brightness light-emitting diodes. Outdoor LED screens are mainly used for commercial promotion, most of which are installed in places with a wide field of view and no obstruction, and direct sunlight. In order to ensure that the LED screen can still maintain long-distance visibility under strong light, the use of high-brightness light-emitting diodes is a necessary choice.

Enbon's FC series is perfect for all of this. For example, FC-pro has a waterproof rating of IP67, allowing it to adapt to a variety of harsh outdoor conditions and even to various extreme weather. Its screen performance is also very good, high contrast, bright colors, visual comfort and eye protection. Offering glasses-free 3D customization options, the FC-Pro is the perfect choice for high-end outdoor screens.


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