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   As a new part of LED display, compared with LED display, led transparent screen has not entered the market for a long time.

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Aug, 29 2023

As a new part of LED display, compared with LED display, led transparent screen has not entered the market for a long time. Transparent screen manufacturers have become a new generation of power in the field of commercial display by virtue of the fashion, beauty and modern technical sense of LED transparent screen, which can not be underestimated in the field of LED display segmentation.

In recent years, the intelligent revolution represented by the application of new technologies such as the Internet of things, wireless communication, big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence has begun. People's work, life and cognition have gradually changed and even changed, and have affected the manufacturing industry. The application of various intelligent city terminals is becoming more and more common, and LED intelligent city terminals formed by the combination of LED display industry and intelligent city ecology are gradually being widely used.

Led transparent display effect With the gradual saturation of the urban LED advertising display market, the future development of the video advertising media market will become the focus of attention of many led transparent screen manufacturers. The realization principle of LED transparent screen is micro innovation of strip screen, targeted improvement of patch manufacturing process, lamp bead packaging and control system. The hollow design structure reduces the line of sight of the structural components. Occlusion, maximize perspective effect.

At the same time, the LED transparent screen also has a novel and unique display effect. The audience watches from an ideal distance, and the picture is hung on the glass curtain wall. The appearance of LED transparent screen has expanded the application of LED display to the two main markets of architectural glass curtain wall and commercial retail window, which has become a new trend of new media development.

Led transparent screens are widely used in urban landmark buildings, municipal buildings, automobile 4S stores, airports, etc. to meet the needs of emerging markets. The transparent screen has strong light transmission, can meet the special lighting needs of the installation site, bring people a sense of fashion and technology, and can be well integrated with the surrounding building environment.