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   Summer is coming. For LED displays, in addition to lightning protection, we should also pay attention to the high temperature weather in summer, especially outdoor LED displays.

Importance of heat dissipation of LED display in summer | Enbon LED Display Manufacture

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Aug, 29 2023

Summer is coming. For LED displays, in addition to lightning protection, we should also pay attention to the high temperature weather in summer, especially outdoor LED displays. In the summer of the year, outdoor LED screens face the greatest challenge. The humid and high-temperature weather makes the natural contradiction of moisture-proof and heat dissipation of LED screens confront each other head-on. In some provinces and cities, the outdoor temperature in summer is sometimes as high as 38 °, 35 °, and the LED display screen still works nonstop. Excessive temperature will cause its poor operation. How to do a good job of moisture protection in rainy weather and keep good heat dissipation in high temperature environment? How can we do a good job in cooling the LED display?

As we all know, there are tens of thousands of lamps in the LED display screen. Under the continuous work every day, the heat emitted is quite large. In summer, the temperature is higher, and it needs to be cooled. In order to ensure the long-term stability of outdoor LED display, heat dissipation design is the most important. Therefore, let alone its affectation, the LED display also needs fans and air conditioners to dissipate heat. The heat and hot gas generated in the LED display screen due to work are discharged in time to keep the air temperature in the LED display screen and the working temperature of the device within the normal required range.

1. LED display within 20 ㎡

Air conditioning is generally not recommended. If conditions permit, it is sufficient to use two small fans, depending on the size of the installation space.

2. LED display with an area of more than 20 ㎡ (1) If the LED display is installed against the wall, it can protrude one meter from the wall. The fan can be selected according to the area. The installation position of the fan is arranged in sequence above the side of the screen. If the display screen is an 80 ㎡ PH16 outdoor LED full-color screen in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, it means that the fan you buy needs six axial flow fans with a diameter of about 600mm. The fan is of the type of outward air extraction. When installing the fan, ensure that there is a net inside to prevent the technicians who repair the display screen from sucking clothes and other things into the screen and hurting people. The LED display hanging on the wall can also be installed with an air conditioner, so that there is enough space to place the air conditioner host without affecting the overall appearance of the wall. There are requirements for the selection of air conditioners. Generally, 1.5p, 2p and 3P air conditioners are used most. 12 square 1p air conditioners in the north; 1p air conditioner for 9 square meters in the south.

(2) If the LED display is installed on a column, it is better to use a fan to dissipate heat. The fan is installed on the back of the large screen near the top of the aluminum-plastic plate, and is made into a shutter. When it rains, the rain will not enter the display screen. If it is a double column LED display, you can open several shutters in the middle of the double columns. This louver is the air inlet and the upper fan is the air outlet, so that complete air convection is formed and the heat dissipation effect is better.

(3) If an air conditioner is needed, the purchase cost and use cost will increase, and the heat dissipation effect will be worse than that of a fan. It is also necessary to consider whether the installation space of external air conditioners can ensure the overall beauty.

The above is the conventional heat dissipation treatment method of LED display in summer. If you need more detailed product requirements, please consult us. We will try our best to serve you, and give specific and efficient solutions one-to-one in combination with the actual situation.