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The scanning mode of LED display confused many people, how does it work on a LED display screen? And what are its effect for LED display?

What are the effects will scan mode brings to LED display screen?| Enbon LED Display Manufacture

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Aug, 29 2023

The scanning mode of LED display confused many people, how does it work on a LED display screen? And what are its effect for LED display? we have concluded several ponts, as following: 1) Brightness: The high scan with more LED light on at one time, so the brightness is higher than lower scan mod. Thus, for the same LED display, the static scan is double brightness of 1/2 scan, and 1/4 scan is double brightness of 1/8 scan. But this is not the absolute formula, because sometimes there doesn't need too much brightness, and it will low down the current, finally cut the brightness.

2) Refresh rate: Usually a lower scan with a lower refresh rate than the higher scan. And this is not applicable like the multiple formulae as brightness, because the refresh rate mainly depends on the PCB design. 3) Power consume: In theory, the higher scan, the higher power, this is applicable to multiple formulae, for example, 1/5 scan is double power consume of 1/10 scan. Also, it restricts by the current, factories may reduce current and finally reduce power and brightness. Therefore, it's very important to choose a reasonable scan mode for LED display, not the higher the better, also not converse. It needs to be based on the brightness, power, refreshes rate and cost, finally designs a good LED screen.