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In this modern era, LED displays are everywhere, from street lights outside to shopping malls, etc. Many business holders use this new technology to promote their brand and grasp the customer's attention.

Enbon's special process——What is COB LED display and its advantages and features | Enbon LED Display Manufacture

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Aug, 30 2023

In this modern era, LED displays are everywhere, from street lights outside to shopping malls, etc. Many business holders use this new technology to promote their brand and grasp the customer's attention. No one prefers conventional LEDs for business growth. With the arrival of new models, traditional models of LED lighting sources lose their charm. COB LED display is one of the latest technologies in the LED lighting world.

It has a greater level of efficiency as compared to other light technology. We will discuss all COB LED displays here. This guide covers the following sections:
● What is a COB LED display.
● Advantages and disadvantages of COB LED display.
● Applications and lots more.
● Let's start to discuss the details of each section.

What Is a COB LED Display?

COB lights stand for chip on board light. It is one of the manufacturing techniques in which integrated circuits are wired and bound on a unique PCB board. COB modules consist of LED lamps in the front while driving ICs at the back. In this way, the LED strategy is used in the COB module.

However, chip-on-board encapsulation gathers the following:
● Upstream LED chip technology.
● Midstream of encapsulation technology.
● Downstream display technology.

COB LED panels are different from GOB display technology. Chip on board technology is used to solve the complexity of LED heat dissipation. At the same time, glue-on board technology is used to solve the complexity of LED lamp protection.

Well, there are many advantages of COB display technology, such as:
● It can be saving space.
● Simplifying packaging.
● Better thermal management strategy.
● Much higher lumen density.
In short, we can say that COB technology is better than conventional LED systems such as SMD ( surface mounted device) and DIP ( Dual In-line Package).

No doubt that some of the COB LED display feature is the same as traditional LEDs, such as:
● Wide view angle.
● High color uniformity.
● High contrast.
● High power efficiency.

But one of the most significant advantages of COB is to get:
● Protection performance.
● COB LED display is dust and moisture-proof.
● High environmental adaptability etc.

Furthermore, color splitting and picking for all chips on the board is slightly risky. Besides this, the maintenance of COB is a little bit difficult.

What Are the Pros of COB LED Display?

There are many advantages of COB over other light technologies. Some of the features are mentioned below.
● COB LED display needed only one circuit.
● As compared to traditional models, the lightning effect on these LEDs is better.
● It has higher light efficiency as compared to traditional LEDs.
● Less heat is generated by the chip.
● No heat dissipation occurs.
● COB LEDs are compacted.
● No extra packaging and lenses are involved.
● Less size and resolve space issues. COB LED display does not require a large space.
● Significantly fewer welding points as compared to conventional LED models.
● Very less risk of LEDs failure.
● Lightweight as compared to conventional LEDs. According to the requirement of the customer, the thickness of PCB is adopted, such as 0.4mm to 1.2mm.
● Its view angle is about 180 degree.
● Anti Collision and crush resistance because of solidifying the whole setup with an epoxy resin glue.
● Easy to clean dust with the help of a dry cloth. You can also use water for cleaning purposes.
● The average lifetime of a COB LED display is about 50,000 hours.
● It provides an excellent light intensity.
What Are the Cons of COB LED Display?

Some of the disadvantages of COB LED display are listed below
● As the light splitting occurs between the chips, so it is a little bit difficult to again the color uniformity.
● With the increment of chip size, the efficiency of LEDs is reduced.
● The variety of colors is very limited.
● It has a high maintenance cost.
● The passing rate is low for a single encapsulation.
● The homogeneity is not good as compared to SMD LED display.
● As compared to SMD type technology, COB has a high production rate.

What Are the Application of COB LED Display Technology?

LED display technology has several applications in practical life. Some of them are mentioned below.
● Many countries use the COB technology in street lights to get the maximum light efficiency.
● Conventional LEDs lamps used in the house consume more power and generate heat that is not good for the environment. So, COB technology is used in these light emitting diode lamps to reduce heat and power consumption.
● Many business owner use COB technology for the growth of their business due to its feature of less heat dissipation.
● Furthermore, this technology is also used in playground lightning due to its broader view angle feature.
● Most mobile manufacturer's companies use this technology in the camera of smartphones to achieve better results in pictures.
● COB technology is used in high-output track lights and downlights.
Enbon COB LED Display

Are you planning to buy a COB LED display? If yes, then consider Enbon products. Well, it isn't easy to invest in the right lightening products but Enbon COB lights have the following features:
● Better electrical efficiency
● Longer life
● Good light quality
We are here to guide you properly about this new light technology. We guarantee our products. Here you will find different shapes and designs of LEDs that meet your needs well. You can always contact us to share your problems with LED products. Want to know more about Enbon? If yes, then visit our site.

The Bottom Line
In a nutshell, COB LED displays have a bright future because of their many advantages. This light technology is more promising and produces high-quality light beams compared to other LED lighting sources. Moreover, COB LED displays provide excellent light intensity. It uses less electricity because of its energy-efficiency property.

Hopefully, you are now clear about your query about a COB LED display. Its epoxy layer protects it from dust and makes it waterproof. Investing in LED light technology for business promotion is a good decision. Furthermore, always try to buy high-quality LED lights to protect yourself from future problems!