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Spherical LED displays are a new invention in digital technology. The primary purpose of this display is to make content viewable from all directions through a 360-degree angle.

The Principle and Advantages of Spherical LED Display | Enbon LED Display Manufacture

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Aug, 30 2023

Spherical LED displays are a new invention in digital technology. The primary purpose of this display is to make content viewable from all directions through a 360-degree angle. Due to this feature, it is used in many places, such as:
● In museum.
● Science and technology museum.
● Corporate showrooms.
● Exhibition halls etc.

Now the question is why the demand for spherical LED displays increases day by day. The answer is simple: its demand in the market increases because of its many advantages and easy installation process. Do you want to learn about the various features of this new digital technology? If yes, then never skip a single line and keep reading the blog post. Let's start to discuss the basic principle and advantages of spherical LED displays.

What is The Basic Principle of a Spherical LED Display Screen?
To answer this question, it is essential to understand the basic components of a spherical LED display. It consists of:
● A control core module
● A rotary display module
● A font library module
● Power supply
● A wireless module
● A motor drive module
There is also a round-shaped fan blade that contains various LED lamp beads in circular form.

Well, one of the significant advantages is that LED colors are single or multi-color. The sphere shape surface is generated due to the rotation of the fan blade. All of the round surfaces are light-emitting diodes with font software. You can control the display content of the spherical surface with the position of the fan blade.
What Are The Advantages of Spherical LED Display?

With time, the demand for this digital technology increases due to its different characteristics. Some of the prominent features of spherical LED displays are mentioned below.
1. View Angle
● Its 360-degree view angle makes it easy to read content from all directions.
● Besides this, there is no complexity in planar LED display.
● Omni- directional video playback.

2. Structure Design
● The internal structure of this new technology is all aluminum structure design.
● Lightweight.
● It has a strong structure.
● The installation process meets the demand of the customer.

3. Diameter of Spherical LED Display
What is the requirement of the client to decide the diameter of the spherical LED display? Various sizes are available in the market that meet your needs well. Its round shape surface is thoroughly completed by numerical control. Furthermore, you will observe the consistency of the overall circular curvature due to accurate module size. Its diameter and ideal weight makes it suitable for mobile dance tables.

4. Heat Dissipation
One of the most significant advantages of a spherical LED display is that the spherical screen has good heat dissipation. Purchasing spherical LED displays to promote different types of content is a good investment.
Its strong structure gives the assurity of its more extended period. Proper care of different maintenance tips increases the lifespan of this digital technology. It also has an easy installation process.
Furthermore, the resolution design of this new technology is similar to an ordinary LED display. Choose the model according to your demand. The P5 and P6 models are inexpensive and don't break your budget. Well, you can also select the night-definition P4 or P3 model.
The P10 model is good to choose if you are planning to use this technology for outdoor viewing. Which model is selected depends upon your budget, audience, and the environment of the installation.
3 Different Types of Spherical LED Display
As we mentioned earlier, various shapes are available in the market that fulfills the demand of customers. Besides this, different external structures have different features. Let's start to distinguish the type of spherical LED display according to their shape.

1. Triangular Spherical LED Display
This type of spherical display has a flat triangular PCB named soccer screen. One of the drawbacks of this kind of display is that it has many PCBs. The pixel spacing is also limited by honeycomb arrangements. The software writing of this technology is also troublesome. In this type, the screen utilization rate is greatly improved.

2. Watermelon LED Spherical Display
This type of spherical display has a watermelon-like PCB. One of the most prominent features is that the structure is intuitive. Furthermore, the type of PCB is small. One of the drawbacks is that the image on the screen is deformed. So, the screen utilization rate is low compared to other spherical LED displays.

3. Six-Sided LED Spherical Display
Its screen consists of a quadrilateral PCB. That's why it is called the six-sided spherical LED display. One of the most significant advantages is that its structure is closely related to flat LED displays. Furthermore, the minimum for pitch is also the same as that of flat light-emitting diode displays. Its overall result is much better than the above-mentioned spherical LED display types.
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Installing spherical LED displays can effectively reduce space and also installation costs. It has better visual effects as compared to traditional LED displays. The audience can see the content from all over the direction without any trouble. So the image screen will not be distorted from different angles.

Due to the symmetrical distribution of the LED image, the screen will be consistent with higher definition. Different types are available in the market, such as a six-sided sphere, triangular shape, watermelon shape, etc. All have different features. Choose one that fulfills your demands. Now it's time to promote your brand well with the usage of spherical LED displays.