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Product News

Outdoor LED display screens are commonly used for various events and promotional purposes. Businesses can easily share information and promote themselves among targeted audiences. It helps them get the necessary attention from the viewers.

Common Problems And Troubleshooting Methods Of Outdoor LED Display| Enbon LED Display Manufacture

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Aug, 31 2023

Outdoor LED display screens are commonly used for various events and promotional purposes. Businesses can easily share information and promote themselves among targeted audiences. It helps them get the necessary attention from the viewers. The eye-catching graphics and high resolution offer the perfect viewing experience.

When your outdoor LED display works well, it remains unbeatable. The LED screen is just like any other device. It is prone to damage and has common problems as well. If you learn about the common failures and troubleshooting methods it can benefit you in a lot of ways.

When there is no signal output coming from your LED screen it is an indication that something is wrong. The common reason for this failure is that the voltage of the control card is not normal. Moreover, the direction of the flat cable connection is not up to the mark.

In this situation, you need to check the sending and receiving cards properly. If there is a problem inside you can correct it by adjusting the voltage to a normal value. Sometimes replacing the card is another good option.

2. Shaky Screen
If you notice the entire screen of your outdoor LED display shaking, something is wrong. You can check if the control card is placed correctly or not. Sometimes the power supply to the screen is insufficient and you need to take care of it. The best idea is to measure the power supply and check how much is the real requirement. If the power supply is lower than 190V, adjust it to normal.

3. Module Failure
If the LED screen seems to crash or is full of bright lines, it indicates a module failure. All you need is to restart the screen and adjust everything properly. When the module isn’t fully dark or bright it is due to module failure. However, you can fix it in one minute by restarting the device. If you cannot fix it on your try calling an expert. They have the knowledge and experience to deal with everything.

4. Power Supply Failure
If the outdoor LED display goes dark fully, try to check the power supply first. You can perform the basic inspection and make sure it is plugged in correctly. Sometimes the circuit is tripped and causes a power supply failure. It is necessary to check the connection and make sure everything else is secure. If you feel everything is satisfactory and the screen still doesn’t work, get in touch with a professional.

5. Missing Color In the Module
Many times the module of the screen is missing out on various colors. For this reason, you must check your cables. If any of the cables is loose or seems to be damaged, do something right away. All you need is to unplug and re-plug it a few times. If the problem persists try to replace the cable fully. Make sure that the cable fits right or else it can lead to more damage. It can be challenging to solve this issue yourself. This is why it is best to call an expert and get your work done.

6. Communications Failure
You need to think about your outdoor LED display as a big computer monitor. It will only show those images that are programmed inside. One of the most common problems with your LED screen display is a communication failure.
In this situation, the signal is interrupted fully and is unable to show anything on the screen. You can check all the connections and make sure each one of them is secure. Moreover, keep an eye on the controller and make sure it works properly.

7. Receiving Card Failure
There are different panels on each side of the display. One side has a receiving card that helps with the display of data from the controller. It helps to connect an individual panel and make up the entire image correctly. If the receiving card has an issue or malfunctions frequently, the entire signal will interrupt. The receiving card must be placed properly for it to work correctly. If this card is damaged it is necessary to replace it right away. Sometimes a repair is possible and you can call an expert of outdoor LED display to get the best solution.

8. Overlapping Display
If the connection between cabinets or signal cables is not placed correctly it can lead to an overlapping display. In this situation, you can reconnect the signal cable. You can use the manual guide by the manufacturer and follow everything correctly. If you don’t follow the right steps, the problem will not be solved.

9. No Display On LED Module
If you suffer from no display on the LED module the cause of failure is obvious. The input signal cable is corrected properly and you must do something immediately. There is no doubt if the module voltage doesn’t remain consistent at 5 V or 3.3 V a lot of problems can occur. You can set up your software again and reconnect the signal cable to solve this issue. If any of the rows are missing on the display, you can clean the short circuit.

10. Partial Display Panel Is Not Bright
If you notice that the partial display panel is not bright it indicates a problem with the power supply. The power supply must remain at 5V or else it can damage the outdoor LED display. For solving this issue you must turn off the LED display first. It will keep you safe from electric shock and other hazards. Sometimes two lines of the display will not light up. It is due to a problem with an integrated block.


If you are looking for a premium quality outdoor LED display screen get in touch with Enbon. They offer premium quality LED screens at convenient prices. It can be challenging to maintain the quality of the screen. If you are facing any issues with the screen read our post to get useful information.