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Product News

LED screens are used by a wide range of industries. This is why LED screen repair services are also getting common. Whether you are looking for a new LED screen or LED screen repairs you can get in touch with Enbon.

LED Screen Repair: a Definitive Guide (2022 Updated)| Enbon LED Display Manufacture

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Aug, 31 2023

LED screens are used by a wide range of industries. This is why LED screen repair services are also getting common. Whether you are looking for a new LED screen or LED screen repairs you can get in touch with Enbon. You will get the best solution to the problem with your LED. In this article, we will be listing down methods that will help you to deal with technical problems that you might face with your LED display.

How to Repair Your LED Screen? There are some major problems that LED screen owners face after using the screens for a long time. Here are some easy repair solutions for your LED screens.

1. Short circuit
It is important to detect any problems with the short circuit. Resistance detecting is important and this is why it is best to examine the range of resistance. It is important to ensure that the value of a certain point of a normal circuit board is right. If the value is not within a reasonable range, then that means that the problem comes from there. It is also important to check the voltage drop detection as this will help you to avoid any unnecessary damage.

2. A low brightness of LED display
After long-term use, the brightness of the LED screen can get low. You need LED screen repair. This results in fading images and bad video quality. The reason behind it could be the changes in the setting of sending cards and functional cards. It is best to restore the default setting and the store settings as this will help you to control the minimum brightness values larger than 80.

3. Troubleshooting of LED control system
There could be a lot of issues with the troubleshooting setting of the graphic of your LED screen. This is when the processing unit is not done according to guidance. You should make sure to check the connection of cables such as DVI cable, and internet cable. The host control card and PCI port should be inserted well inside the LED screen. Make sure to troubleshoot your screen often as this will allow you to use your LED screens for a long time without any need for repair.

4. Check the power supply
The power supply of both the control computer and the LED display screen can affect the performance of your LED screen in many ways. When there is an inadequate power supply for the LED display cabinet then it might stop your screen from working efficiently. Your LED screen might start to flicker and will cause issues with displaying the image properly. Then you need LED screen repair. Choosing the right power supply is based on the requirement of the cabinet.
You should always check whether the green indicator of the LED sending card is flashing regularly. If it doesn’t flash then you should restart it, and check whether the green light is flashing regularly. Checking the power supply could help you to maintain the good condition of your LED screen for many years to come.

5. Settings of the software instruments
If you are facing issues with your LED screen, then there might be some issues with the settings of the software instruments. The problems with the software instruments can be easily detected. You can either reinstall it or reset it until the green indicator is flashing. It is also helpful to check that the green indicator of the receiving card flashes synchronously with the green indicator. You should also check the yellow light of the power supply.
If it is not on, then it means that the power supply is connected There is no power output if the power supply voltage is 5V. And you need LED screen repair. The software settings of LED screens are the major component that works for the functioning of the LED screens. This is why it is important to ensure that the software settings of your LED screens have accurate settings.

6. Issues with LED receiving card
If your LED screen stops while working, then there is a possibility that the LED receiving card has some problem. It is best to replace the LED receiving card. The internet cable must be well connected or the length of it might be too long. LED receiving card must have within 100 meters without a repeater. If the problems are still not solved after the repairmen, then the trouble might be in the receiving car. Make sure to check whether the power lamp is on or not. If it is not on then the port of the defined line is compatible with the unit board.

7. Failure of LED display module
Failure of the LED display module could be an issue behind the problems with your LED screens. And need LED screen repair. The Non displaying on the part of the module like the rows missing and lines might have gone missing. It is important to check if the flat cables are connected well to the power. LED display module should connect well with the power line of the first abnormal LED module and it should be in the direction of signal input.
You should also ensure that the signal input is normal. If there is confusing color, then it could be an issue with the signal contact of the first abnormal LED module. You can examine it by plugging it in and out multiple times.
If there is a problem, then you can always replace the flat cable. It is important to determine whether the power pins of 74HC138 are connected with the decoding chip well. The 4953-line management chip might have poor welding or it might be suffering a short circuit. If you have detected any of these problems, then it is best to change to new chips.
The Bottom Line

This article has introduced all the possible ways for LED screen repair. However, if you want to avoid the hassle of getting your LED repaired again and again then it is best to buy your LED screens from a reliable company like Enbon. We have guided you on all the aspects of LED screen repairs including LED display modules, short circuits, and the whole screen. You can follow these detailed steps and deal with all the issues with your LED screens.