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Traditional billboards were once the go-to outdoor advertisement method. However, over the past decade, outdoor LED display screens have taken over the world of advertisement.

EThe advantages of outdoor LED displays and usage scenarios, Enbon will bring you the answer|Enbon LED Display Manufacture

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Sep, 05 2023

Traditional billboards were once the go-to outdoor advertisement method. However, over the past decade, outdoor LED display screens have taken over the world of advertisement. An outdoor LED display board can be used to display a wide range of content, including videos, images, graphics, and even text. But the quality of the display makes LED billboards extremely effective when it comes to attracting the viewer's attention.

Companies such as EnBon have perfected the art of manufacturing outdoor LED screens. Modern LED billboards are much more durable and weather-resistant, thanks to constant research and development. So if you were planning on getting an outdoor LED advertising screen to advertise your business, you could rest assured that it is one of the best marketing tools you can buy for your business.

However, before acquiring an asset, a business usually wants to know more about its capabilities and usage applications. If you plan on buying an outdoor LED screen setup, then it is best to learn more about this technology. This article will cover all the important information about an outdoor LED display board so you can better understand what these digital billboards are all about.

What exactly is an outdoor LED screen?

Before we can get to the user application and technical aspects of an outdoor LED billboard, we must understand what these displays are all about. A large LED display board comprises multiple smaller LED modules that operate as a single display.

Each module in an LED billboard is connected to a single input source, allowing them to work together to generate a large high-definition image. Once installed correctly, an outdoor LED display can withstand even the toughest temperatures and weather conditions.

An outdoor LED display is built to a higher standard than a regular indoor screen. This means they are much brighter and more durable than their indoor counterparts.

What are some applications of outdoor LED displays?

An outdoor LED display is a versatile screen that can serve various purposes. Here are some of the most common usage applications of Outdoor LED screens:

Rooftop or roadside LED billboards: One of the most common uses of outdoor LED screens is LED billboards. They can be mounted on the rooftop of your building or on the roadside to display advertisements, special offers, and other useful information.

Outdoor shop signs: Outdoor LED screens can be fitted outside shops to capture customers' attention. Their high-definition display makes them perfect for showing captivating product images or graphics to make your shop stand out.

Giant displays for events: LED display screens can be large enough to serve as displays for events such as concerts, conferences, conventions, and exhibitions.

Traffic and public information displays: You will find plenty of outdoor LED screens around major streets and highways to display traffic updates, signs, and other crucial information for the public.

Sports stadiums and arenas: One of the most common applications of LED display screens is in sports stadiums and arenas. These displays are strategically fitted in stadiums to display live scores and advertisements to viewers.

Technical information about outdoor LED screens

If you buy an outdoor LED display, you must understand the technical aspects of this technology. Without further ado, here are some technical specifications of outdoor LED billboards:

Brightness: Since natural light is abundant and there is a lot of light from artificial sources in outdoor settings, the brightness of the advertisement screen matters a lot. Ideally, an LED screen designed for outdoor usage should have a brightness rating of at least 5000 units.

An LED with a brightness rating of 5000 units or more will be visible at any distance, no matter the time of the day.

Resolution: Outdoor LED displays are large, so they need to have high resolution. Higher resolution results in better quality images and provides a good viewing experience.

Size of the display: Outdoor LED displays can be large by joining multiple LED models. However, the size of the screen is determined by the viewing distance. If a large screen is fitted too close to the viewer, it will result in a poor viewing experience.

A single LED module is 320x160mm P5mm, and you can arrange multiple modules to get the desired size. What are the key components of an outdoor LED display wall?

Outdoor LED displays have multiple components that work together to produce high-quality visuals. Here is a list of all the key elements of an outdoor LED display board:

LED module: An LED module contains many LEDs that produce different lights. These LED modules can be arranged in grids to display images.

Power supply: The power supply is a critical component of an outdoor display board because it controls the amount of power each LED module needs.

Control unit: The central control unit of an outdoor LED billboard controls what is displayed on the screen. This control unit is made up of a software component as well as hardware.

Video processor: As the name suggests, the video processor processes the video input and converts it into the correct format for displaying.

Cooling system: The LED module and other components of an outdoor LED system generate heat. A cooling system removes the excess heat and keeps the internal components of the LED screen cool.

Wiring: Wiring of an outdoor LED screen is a major part of the entire system. These wires and cables connect various components of the outdoor LED display board.

The wiring of outdoor LED billboards is designed to withstand high temperatures and other weather conditions without losing integrity.


So there you have it. This article has provided all the important information regarding outdoor LED screens. Now that you know all the key details regarding the outdoor LED billboard, you are better prepared to purchase one.

EnBon offers high-quality outdoor LED screens for all kinds of useful applications. We also cover everything from the installation to the aftercare and maintenance of our outdoor products. So if you want to purchase an outdoor LED display, EnBon has you covered.