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Charles Ma, the founder of Enbon, an innocent youth grew up in a remote mountainous area, after continuous efforts, he established his own business.

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May, 30 2023
    Charles Ma, the founder of Enbon, an innocent youth grew up in a remote mountainous area, after continuous efforts, he established his own business. In this process, he felt the hardships and happiness of life. Growing up in a remote mountainous area, he has been full of fantasies about this beautiful world since he was a child. His heart was full of longing and yearning, which pushes him to study hard and strive to move forward towards the distance of his dream constantly!
After graduation, he found a job as a product salesman in the city where the university was located. However, he felt that this job could not realize his life value. He was unsatisfied with the current situation, so he came to Shenzhen, a first-tier city in China, which provides many opportunities and possibilities for young people. When he just came to Shenzhen, everything was new to him. The first problem he faced was housing. With the introduction of an intermediary, he chose to live in a youth hostel. After a few days of resume application interview, he found his first job in the city successfully , which was engaged in the Led display industry, it also provided him with great help in the later stage of entrepreneurship. He kept learning product knowledge and communication skills with customers, in order to make his work more outstanding and make his efforts recognized by himself and others. It was a product exhibition of the company, at that time, he found that there were many companies manufacturing high-quality display screens in China, but few display companies were exported to foreign countries. Therefore, he dreamed of introducing the best things like China to the world, a product that could change lives with color and animation. Thus began his determined journey to pursue his dream!

   With this dream in mind, he began to plan his own entrepreneurial path. He resigned from his previous company and chose to work in a small foreign trade company exporting Led. However, his English level was not very good, and language was a major factor. Therefore, he began to study English hard and understand the cultures of various regions in the world, so as to provide a foundation for his future development. At that time, he worked more than 12 hours a day. Although he worked very hard, he was a foreign trade newcomer without any foreign customer resources, and the company did not give any business training to salesmen. He worked for nearly three months diligently, but his performance was flat and there was no progress. One day, a new colleague came to work, the next day, the boss called him into his office and said very directly, "Charles, you don't need to come to work from tomorrow, because your work level is poor..." He had been a good student all his life, and this was the first real rejection in his life. He couldn't understand why he was the one who got fired even though he kept working 12 hours a day and did his best every day, but the experience of being fired made him understand this very well. Business competition is very cruel. In order to survive and develop in this society, in addition to going all out and constantly improving their core competitiveness, they still can’t meet the needs of the society. Both an enterprise and an individual should be eliminated.
  After several difficult working experiences, he found a job as a foreign trade salesman. The company was also very small, with a salary of less than 1000, he lived more on business commissions, and there was no business training. However, the only advantage of his second job as a foreign trade salesman was that the company gave him a very old computer, which could surf the Internet. For him, the job was mainly about finding customers, and the computer with Internet access provided him with channels, so he began to learn to use foreign social software, communicate with translators while looking for customers, and learn English in the process.
After a few months, he found his first customer in Taiwan, who helped him a lot in the future. He continued to grow in this industry and accumulated a certain number of customers. After two years of such a life, he thought it was time to focus on his goal, so he quit his job at that time, rented a small workshop by himself, and initially set up his dream company here.
   At the beginning, it was not easy to run his own company. At that time, there were only three people in the company and himself. Due to the time difference and the establishment of the company, he had to do everything by himself. Later, with the continuous expansion of his business, his team also kept expanding. When he thought that everything was developing in a good direction, the Covid-19 came, and the company's goods were difficult to export, the goods were unmarketable, the capital chain was broken, and the company was in crisis. After taking all these into consideration, he decided to start all over again with his team, he overcome the hardships and difficulties of the entrepreneurial process constantly , fortunately, the company came through this difficulty. In the coming days, his goal is to develop Enbon into a well-known Chinese led display brand.
   It may be a small business to others, but it is the world to him. In his eyes, "Enbon" is his world! In his opinion, "En" represents the abbreviation of "English" and also represents the determination to go global and be an international brand. "bon" stands for "treasure" in Chinese for short, also means that this international brand to the world is the most precious "treasure" in his heart. Therefore, "Enbon" is a dream, a dedication, but also a responsibility, "Enbon" embodies a person's dream, a team's dream, but also a dream of the Time! At the same time, he will continue to realize his ideal and realize his life value on this career.